Notes From Thee Infinite Beat

I recently purchased Psychic TV’s 1990 LP “Towards Thee Infinite Beat” off Discogs.

It came with an insert with lyrics and liner notes. I’m in the process of typing up the lyrics and adding them to LyricWikia, but I noticed the notes are nowhere to be found on the Google (unfortuantely Discogs does not allow publishing of liner notes because of potential copyright issues).

The notes are particularly interesting, in that they provide a partial clue to the jigsaw, aiding in interpretation of the lyrics in their written form.

Words in full caps are PRIME-ZONES. Coumcepts ov prime importance in thee materialisation ov that which we call MIND, or consciousness. Words with a cap-at thee front are Sub-Zones. These relate to states ov MIND or consciousness that access MIND it-self. Words with no cap, even if they appear at thee begining ov a line are non-zones. Comcepts relating to control and thee trapping ov MIND within illusional reality. Thus thee choice ov caps creates a system ov definitions describing thee systems within a T.O.P.Y. framework. Three Rations ov actuality. Hyphens are used to reveal meaning and resonance with greater clarity. Part ov thee jigsaw is thee cosmology coumtained within thee text. “He”, “She”, “I”, “His”, “Hers”, all becoum E and “my” becoums me. Thee interface ov any individual with collective will or E-story is prefaced with WE.